Lack of short term forecast is affecting all companies

Machine Learning techniques will continuously improve the planning

Small, Medium & Large Companies

Most of the companies have a very difficult time in predicting short term demand in order to stock, produce or manage the supply chain. They normally have yearly or quarterly forecast for doing the S&OP. However breaking them further in to the weekly forecast is very tricky. Our 4casting provides that option for the user to run the plan for the next week using the ARIMA model. Using advanced machine learning techniques the accuracy of the forecast can be increased with the usage over time.

4Casting Systems focused on providing an easy way for companies to take advantage of different forecasting models. The web based application is deployed on a SAAS platform that allows users to easily upload data, select the model, run the algorithm, see the results and if needed export the results for other usage. The model that is deployed as the default option is ARIMA (Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average), which provides the best option for forecasting based on the type of data provided by the user. The model is extremely effective in the short term (7 days) in to the future and therefore helps the user to run this model on demand. In version two (3 months) we will add Neural Networks model to support non-linear data patterns.


4Casting is the cornerstone for planning, which is a basic necessity for any business. Whether you are selling low priced standard consumable or high priced customized product, planning is an integral to running any business. We cater to small and medium businesses that have this need but are not in a position to hire a team of analysts or data scientists to perform these functions on a regular basis. We support manufacturers, distributors, or intermediaries who service customers through omni-channels.

Access & Pricing

4Casting Systems ( can be accessed by any user from anywhere in the world. They will be required to be registered using an email and a password. First upload will be free. After that the following pricing will apply:

It will be a user based pricing whereby they will have to pay $100/month for a maximum of 5 uploads. If they wish to pay upfront for 12 months then we will offer one month free at $1,100/year. The user can register using a credit card as well.

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Data Science

The system supports an infrastructure to extract value through data science from data lake. Larger data combined with longer history can lead to insights of your business which is hard to find. Some of the key insights that can be found are:

-Short term forecasts with great accuracy
-Stocking levels
-Pattern of consumption by customer by market
-Price elasticity
-Shipment performance
-Order fulfillment performance
-Stocking redundancy
-Obsolete Inventory

Company Background

4casting Systems founded by experts in manufacturing, supply chain and data science. The founders have spent over 20 years in fine tuning the methodology making it easier for companies to reap the benefits.

The experience has been derived by interacting with several fortune 500 manufacturing companies worldwide combined with experience in the development of MRP techniques embedded in the current day Business ERP systems.

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